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Getting Started

Welcome new couponers!  You CAN do this!

So you want to start couponing?  Couponing is a great way to stretch your dollar and get more for less!  This is a quick guide for learning some of the lingo you may see and other basic coupon facts. I hope you find something useful.

Coupon Lingo

Are you confused by abbreviations?  Here are some that may help you navigate this blog and other coupon sites better!

Abbreviations and Frequently used terms

Ad Q = a coupon found inside a store ad
= Buy 1, Get 1
BOGO Half= Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off
CAT= Catalina coupon- a coupon that prints on a separate machine at the checkout
= Extra Care Bucks, CVS coupons that print on your receipt, can be used like cash at CVS
GM = General Mill
IP = Internet printable coupon
MIR = Mail in Rebate
= Manufacturer’s coupon
On your next order
= Out of Pocket, final cash cost
P&G or PG
= Proctor & Gamble
RP= Red Plum
RA = Rite Aid
= Register Rewards- Coupons that print after your transactions at Walgreens, can be used like cash at Wags
SD=  a site for deals
= Smart Source coupon insert
UPC = The bar code scanned to determine pricing
+UP = UP reward, RA coupon that prints on your receipt after eligible purchases.  Can be used as cash at RA
= Video Values coupons from Rite Aid
= Walgreens
= when you buy
YMMV = Your mileage/market may vary

Where to get coupons?

I have many people asking this question and here are just some of the ways you can obtain coupons.

  1. The Early Sunday Edition, Sunday Newspaper and some local area newspaper will have coupon inserts. Keep in mind coupon inserts do vary by region and even by different newspaper companies as well. You can find the coupon schedule for the entire year here that I’ve compiled using various websites.  Oh and keep in mind that most holiday weekend papers usually won’t have inserts.
  2. Print coupons online! There are printable coupons everywhere! Just make sure you verify the source before using them in the store. Some great sites for coupon printing are,, and Coolsavings.   We even have a few of those coupons hosted on our site here. Some department stores also have store coupons that you can print (,,, etc) and most of the time they are combinable with manufacture coupons. Just make sure with each store’s coupon policy before doing this though.
  3. Facebook! Facebook has a multitude of companies that are promoting certain products/brands and are hosting exclusive coupons on their company pages for Facebook users.  I put Facebook as its own category because there are so many great coupons you can print through Facebook.  If you don’t have a Facebook account for privacy reasons or because you are just not into that kind of thing, I still encourage you to sign up so you can print coupons.  We will share many great coupons we find on Facebook right here on Time4Deals!
  4. Manufacturer websites besides Facebook have printables on their websites. If you have some brands you love or a deal you found, always check the manufacturer website for coupons.  You can also let the manufacturer of your favorite brand know how much you like (or dislike) their product.  You will be surprised how many will send you coupons in the mail!
  5. Grocery stores will carry a multitude of coupons that are found throughout the store. If your grocery store accepts coupons, you will notice coupons in coupon dispensers, booklet on display cases, tear pads on doors and even coupon peelies/hang tags on the products.
  6. Coupon clipping sites!  This may be a new concept for you, but you can actually pay people for their time to find and clip you coupons!  Why buy them?  If you find a super deal, something you want to stock up on, you may need more coupons than you have.  These sites usually charge around 10% of the face value of the coupon to collect, clip and package the coupons for you.  Shipping varies from site to site. Here are a few sites I’ve used in the past:,, and even!

How do I know what coupons are out?

This is a great question! There are coupon databases that are hosted by a few couponing sites. All you would need to do is type in the product you are looking for and the database will tell you if there is a coupon out matching your search. Keep in mind that each database hosted by different sites may vary since most coupon databases are driven by end users submitting the information. The database is there to give you an idea of what is out and the amount that is available for that particular coupon. I like using, and databases.

Just remember to take it slow, couponing is fun.  Don’t get overwhelmed, I’m here to help. Contact me at with any questions you may have and happy shopping!

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