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My name is Fannie. My passion is bargain shopping and anything related to saving money with a coupon or deal. It’s my area of expertise! I didn’t start off knowing anything about extreme bargain shopping. It never really dawned on me how much you can save on everyday products you use until you are hit with a life changing situation. My life changing situation started during my second pregnancy. We had a typical family which included my husband Andy and my only son Tyler. We decided it was time to expand our family and so we tried. Well, I must say we were shocked when we heard the news that we were having identical twin boys! It was a huge wake-up call.  I was worried with how we would survive with our finances and having 3 instead of 2. I was constantly stressing about my work situation, our finances, the kids, the expanded family and resources we would need. It was definitely a huge wake up call. So during my many months of bed rest I became really familiar with many bargain hunting sites and I remember coming across a post on about “what health and beauty items I would never pay for”. HA! I was like yeah right, that cannot be possible. Well, fast forward to today. I have to say it’s been a solid 6 years now practicing this fancy art of coupon and bargain shopping. It has changed my life as well as many people that I love. It was a blessing in disguise and now I want to share with you the many deals I come across on the various forums I read and gather from.

If you have a question or would like to contact me, you can reach me at

Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy

Disclosure: My goal with this blog is to find you great deals that save you time and money!  I have a passion for helping people find deals and stretching their dollar.  I also know that time is valuable.  I spend time finding deals that I think would benefit my readers and occasionally those deals will …

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Privacy Policy What information do we collect? We collect information from you when you subscribe to our newsletter, fill out a form or Enter a giveaway. When ordering or registering on our site, as appropriate, you may be asked to enter your: name, e-mail address or mailing address. You may, however, visit our site anonymously. …

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  1. Amy

    Congratulations on the blog and good luck!

    1. Fannie

      Thanks Amy! I was so worried about the look :D and how people will react to it.


    CONGRAT. You will do great.

    1. Fannie

      Thank you Denise :D

  3. Tiffany

    I love your site! :D :D :D

    1. Fannie

      Thanks Tiffany! :D

  4. Wrecks

    THANKS SO MUCH. I love bargains too. My wife excitedly tells me about the stuff she gets because of YOUR info. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! When will we see you on TLC’s: Extreme Couponing?

    1. Fannie

      LOL thanks for stopping by! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too. As for Extreme Couponing… LOL I am too shy to stand in front of a camera and do my thing. :D

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