May 21

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Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat OYNO Catalina Deal

CouponNetwork.com posted a yourbucks offer (OYNO Catalina Deal) at select grocery stores. I know for sure that this deal is working at most Safeway and Giants in the MD/DC/VA areas.  Safeway has chains across the USA and many have reported it working in other areas. Giant is regional in the MD/VA/DC area though. I haven’t heard about the deal working at other Grocery chains but CouponNetwork.com has it listed as working at Blooms, Shoppers, Big Kmart, Harris Teeter, etc. If you log into CouponNetwork.com you can see what other promos are available in your area.

Ok, back to the deal… Right now the 2oz lunchmeats are on sale for $.99 or $1 depending on which grocery store. If you buy 5 you end up getting a $4 OYNO catalina back.

On the SD forum many haven’t had an issue with the OYNO Catalina printing for the 2oz variety. It’s been a hit or miss with the OM Select varieties though. So be careful when trying that. Worst case scenario, if it doesn’t print, just return the lunchmeats.

Deal Breakdown
5 x $.99 OM Lunchmeat = $4.95 OOP and get a $4 OYNO cat

then rinse and repeat
5 x $.99 OM Lunchmeat = $4.95
Use the $4 OYNO cat from previous transaction to pay
=$.95 OOP and get another $4 OYNO cat

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