May 09

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Sin and Punishment: Star Successor – Nintendo Wii $4.99 + F/S

Bestbuy.com has Sin and Punishment: Star Successor - Nintendo Wii on sale for $4.99 (Orig. $49.99). Shipping is currently free.



Enemies surround you as you smoothly glide into fighting position on your hovering skateboard. Others would be overwhelmed by the sheer force facing them but not you — you stand ready to fight to your last breath. When the world has gone crazy, so must you to survive. The hordes advance and you balance expertly on your board, flying into range, slashing out with your razor-sharp steel and darting out of the dying monster’s reach. Can you win in a post-apocalyptic world gone mad? With enemies following your every step, you’ll need courage, strength and speed to survive in this unforgiving land.

In this sequel to the wildly popular Japanese Nintendo 64 cult classic Sin and Punishment, you’ll find yourself fighting waves of enemies in a twisted post-apocalyptic environment packed with continuous arcade shooter action. Sin and Punishment: Star Successor introduces fans to two new renegade heroes, Isa and Kachi, who battle against the monsters tailing their every step. Play with a friend for multiplayer excitement and added help in holding back foes. Dodge enemy attacks on the ground for an added bonus, or use the jetpack and hovering skateboard to confront monsters from above. With the ability to attack from afar or slash at enemies up close with a sword, you can effectively kill even the most twisted nemeses. Target and attack enemies with ease thanks to the motion-controlled Wii Remote or use the classic controller, classic controller pro, Nintendo GameCube controller or the Wii Zapper. As you advance in skills, see the effects on your score multiplier and practice to achieve ultimate victory and attain a position on international leader boards.


  • Fly around with a high-tech jetpack or hovering skateboard and smoothly dodge enemies and get into better range
  • Receive an extra bonus while land-bound for avoiding injuries
  • Different weapons allow you to fire at distant marks or attack close-range enemies with swords
  • Easily lock onto targets with the motion-controlled Wii Remote, classic controller, classic controller pro, Nintendo GameCube controller or the Wii Zapper (not included)
  • Play as either Isa or Kachi to experience unique battle skills
  • Perfect movements, actions and skills to amp up your score multiplier for a higher overall score
  • Challenging shooter gameplay includes hordes of enemies, massive bosses and stunning graphics
  • Play with a friend to advance through tough scenarios
  • Strive for the best score and keep track of your progress with an online international leader board to see how you stack up against the competition
  • Achieve extra bonuses for staying grounded while avoiding injury
  • Various stages require you to understand intricate patterns as you side-scroll, race on vehicles or zip in every direction

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