Apr 02

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Free Android App: PolyClock World Clock

Amazon’s free app of the day is PolyClock World Clock.

Latest Updates

What’s new in version 3.2.0
  • Implement DST changes for Chile, Falkland Islands, Armenia, Haiti, Cuba, Syria, and Morocco. Note that you may need to delete and re-add affected cities on your list for this to take effect.
  • Add an optional indicator for when a zone is in summer vs. winter time.
  • Add day-of-week option for day displays on main screen & large widgets.
  • Add day-of-week to Details window when screen width permits.
  • Add option to not translate times to non-European numeral systems.
  • Update German, French, Japanese, and Korean translations
  • Fix bug: changing date/time by keyboard not taking effect if OK immediately pressed.
  • Fix bug: some zones showing spring DST transition at wrong time (such as 3AM instead of 2AM).
  • Fix a few rare crash errors.

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