Nov 10

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50% Off Crayola Glow Book $14.99

The Crayola Glow Book is currently marked down to $14.99 on Amazon (Orig. $29.99). The Crayola Glow Book lets kids create glowing, moving, animated art. Six glow marker colors and four removable drawing surfaces allow kids to draw, layer, and arrange images, and then light them in sequence so that the images appear to move. And since glow marker drawing surfaces wipe clean with a damp cloth, kids can create new images as often as they like. Young artists aged 6 years and up will delight in designing cartoons, multi-message signs, and sequential drawings.

The glow book features four clear plastic panels that provide a stable drawing surface. You can freehand draw on the removable panels, or place them on top of a design sheet or other outline guide for simple tracing. Using the six colorful glow markers, create designs on each surface. Then layer the sheets in the glow book base for a colorful image with depth.

When it’s time to update your artwork, simply remove the panels for cleaning. Wipe the panels clean using a soft damp cloth or paper towel. Then reuse the clean, dry panels to create entire new works of art.

Sequential Lighting Makes Drawings Move. To make your drawings come alive, the glow book has flashing lights inside the battery-powered base that illuminate the drawing surfaces. Press the buttons to light each layer individually, or choose the cycle buttons for sequential lighting effects. You can light all panels at once, activate a four-way flash, or program your own 20-way flash sequence for layers of glowing fun.

While the more serious artists may feel limited by only four drawing surfaces and six markers, most kids will enjoy the unique lighting features that make their drawings come to life. To save battery power, the glow book automatically goes into sleep mode after 60 minutes of use.

Product Features

  • Create 5 different surfaces
  • Limitless animation combinations
  • The plastic plates open like a book.
  • Variable lighting effect options to maximize the glowing contents
  • Makes creative time more playful
What’s in the Box
Crayola Glow Book, four drawing surfaces, six glow markers, four animation tracing guides, and instructions.

Product Description
With Crayola’s Color Explosion Glow Book, you can create your own glowing animations. Create 5 different surfaces and limitless animation combinations. The plastic plates open like a book. Variable lighting effect options maximize the glowing contents. It makes creative time more playful.

  • Product Dimensions (inches): 2 (L) x 13.4 (W) x 12 (H)
  • Age: 6 years and up

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  1. Nancy

    I read somewhere that BF these are going to be $14.99 at Target and there is a $5 off coupon making them $9.99 and then to top it off, a $3.00 mail in rebate. Grand total $6.99! Can’t remember where I read it. Could make great gifts at a great price!

    1. Fannie

      thanks Nancy for the heads up! I’ll search it some more and then post it when I figure it out :D

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