Oct 26

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Time’s Up It’s Dead! – Free Christmas Story Books App for HP Touchpad from iMarvel makers of iStoryBooks

Finally a freebie for the Touchpad! iMarvel is offering a Christmas Story Books App for free till October 31st.

Visit this link here on your touchpad to make downloading and enter the code easier. Copy and paste this promo code when promoted for it on your touchpad during checkout. The code is also in the link I just provided.

PROMO CODE: ca70a5da-583a-4f8d-9b66-f033b3ade82d


A Christmas Carol
The Nutcracker
The Elves and the Shoemaker
‘Twas The Night before Christmas

Christmas Story Books is a growing collection of Christmas stories for children of all ages. Just as a stocking filled with toys and goodies this app comes filled with Christmas stories. This app includes Christmas books of different kinds – classics, tales that are passed on from generation to generation and beautifully rendered with music. Each book comes rich with vibrant pictures, engaging narration and lively music. The app comes with all the cool features of the iStoryBooks platform such as: * “Read to me” which when enabled reads books to kids * “Movie mode” which when enabled automatically turns the pages * Option to save all media on SD card * User interface designed for little fingers and inquisitive minds The app is being launched with the following Christmas books: * A Christmas Carol: It is one of the most beloved winter stories. In this tale, a man named Scrooge is taken on a fantastic journey to the past, present, and future in order to realize the true meaning of Christmas. * The Elves and the Shoemaker: It is a fun Christmas story about a couple who became very wealthy because of the secret help of magical elves. But when they learn how poor the elves are, the couple sew up a little Christmas magic of their own. In the end, everyone learns the value of hard work, saving wisely, and being grateful. * The Nutcracker: This version of the Nutcracker tells the story of Clara, who yells when her little brother breaks her new toy. During very strange and frightening dream that night, she uses her courage to save her toy. When she wakes up, she uses that same courage to forgive her brother – realizing that losing a toy isn’t as bad as losing a friendship. * ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas: Waking up to find your stocking filled with toys and goodies is exciting. But even more exciting, as the person in this poem discovers, is catching a glimpse of the magical reindeer flying and St. Nick or Santa Claus himself – filling your very own stocking!

Thanks cheaperthanyou!

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